RULE 30 by Andromeda – An Amiga demo released Gubbdata 2021

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If you’re interested in the Demoscene, you’ll be happy to hear that Andromeda struck back with a new release this weekend! It’s an Amiga 500 demo called RULE 30 and it competed in the demo competition at Gubbdata 2021 in Lund, Sweden. It won 1st place.

Screenshot by Old School Game Blog

Considering their previous demos, like Nexus 7 from The Party 1994 or Sequential from The Gathering 1994, it is no surprise that RULE 30 is also a great one. 🙂

I enjoyed watching it a lot and hope to see more from Andromeda in the future. They wrote “See you all for the 40th anniversary!” at the bottom of the text-file, so there is a possibility that we will witness some more Amiga magic from these guys in the future. 🙂

Here is a YouTube-video of the demo:

If you want to download it and check it out on your Amiga or through an emulator, here is the link to the page on

Hope you’ll enjoy watching the demo! Thanks for reading and have a good evening! 🙂

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