CarVup and the Lemon Amiga Games Competitions

Hi and thanks for visiting my homepage. 🙂

Today I’ve joined the Lemon Amiga forum to take part in their games competitions. The game they are competing in now is CarVup, a fun platform game featuring a car called Arnie.

CarVup is a entertaining and challenging game with a wide variety of objects, “weapons”, characters and levels. I like the graphics too, which are very cartoony and colorful. There is no music while playing, but plenty of sound effects.

To be honest, I’ve not come very far in the game yet, but I’m making progress. 😉 I remember this game from back in the days, but never played it much. It was a title I picked up and played a bit from time to time.

I use an Amiga 1200 here and tried to boot a floppy containing an AGA-fixed version, but that one crashed before the intro screen. The Amiga 500 version did not work properly on my computer either, so I used the good, old Relokick 1.4 and booted that.

The Kickstart 1.3 showed up, I clicked the left mouse button to turn off CPU Caches and then the game loaded fine. 🙂 Without turning off CPU Caches, the screen would be garbled during gameplay for some reason.

Tomorrow I will be going on a small trip to a cabin in Østfold, Norway, for a few days. 🙂 Will bring with me the latest issue of Amiga Future and a book called Bored of the Rings. Hope the weather will be good, although I could see a bit of rain here and there in the weather forecast.

Hope you are having a good summer! 🙂 Thanks for reading! Cheers!

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