Amiga: Cheesy Listening by Alcatraz, Rebels and Offence – OCS/ECS – 2022

Hi there,

Thanks for visiting Old School Game Blog. 🙂

Visited today and noticed that a brand new music disk for Amiga had been released! It is called Cheesy Listening and was created by the groups Alcatraz, Rebels and Offence.

Credits is as follows:

Music by Virgill/Alcatraz
Graphics by Critikill/Rebels
Code by Nosferatu/Offence
Font (scroller) by Sector 9/Razor 1911
ASCII-art by ne7
Pretracker techsupport by Pink/Abyss

Not only does the music disk look very, very nice, but the music is excellent as well. 🙂 Highly recommend checking it out!

For those of you who can’t run it, there is a video on YouTube recorded from real hardware which you can check out below:

Thanks for visiting and see you in another post here on Old School Game Blog. 🙂

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