Where to buy AmigaOS 4.x compatible systems?

Hi everyone,

Thanks so much for visiting my blog. 🙂 It is soon the end of the month and time for another edition of the AmigaOS 4 Monthly Round-up, but before that I thought I’d make a post about where to buy AmigaOS 4.x compatible systems.

It is no secret that it is hard to find such systems for sale these days. I subscribe to sites like eBay to send me an e-mail once an AmigaOne or similar computer, motherboard etc. is listed, but the e-mails I receive are far and few between. Beside this, I frequently visit other auction and classified sites, as well as Amiga forums with market sections.

That said, it is always worth contacting Amiga shops in general to hear if they have an old Sam or an AmigaOne in the back room or collecting dust in a corner. I have had success with this in the past.

Fortunately for us there are still retailers out there stocking hardware. In this post I will list those I know have or should have systems or motherboards for sale.

Thanks to Number6 for his request on Amiga.org that someone should make such a list. 😉 I noticed this today and therefore took up the challenge. So, without further ado, here it is:

List last updated on September 8th.

ACube Systems (Italy)
Sam460LE – Available on pre-order
Update September 8th – ACube now has the Sam460LE for sale in their webshop.

Alinea Computer Shop (Germany)
AmigaOne X5000 available on request – More information here
Update May 30th – Received a reply stating that AmigaOne X5000 systems are available, but only to German customers. Sam460LE will be available in the future, but they do not offer a pre-order.
Update September 8th – They announced on Twitter that AmigaOne X5000 systems are currently available for purchase on request.

Amedia Computer (France)
Used to stock both complete AmigaOne X5000 systems as well as motherboards, but seems they have now ran out. They do offer a pre-order for a complete Sam460LE system.
AmigaOne X5000 – Complete system – Sold out, but was available just recently (May 2022)
AmigaOne X5000 – Motherboard – Sold Out, but was available just recently (May 2022)
Sam460LE – Complete system – Pre-order – Available
Update May 30th – Reply received from Amedia. 🙂 They can provide the AmigaOne X5000 motherboard or a complete system with 5040 CPU. 5020 based motherboards/systems are out of stock. As a computer assembling specialist, they prefer offering personalised configurations, so please contact them directly if interested. 🙂

Amiga on the Lake (USA)
They replied and told me that they will not be selling AmigaOS 4.x compatible systems.

GGS-Data (Sweden)
AmigaOne X5000 – Motherboard – In stock

Relec (Switzerland)
AmigaOne X5000 – Limited Edition – Listed as on order
Update May 29th – Received a reply from Relec concerning availability of systems. Big thanks for the quick reply! 🙂 The next step is the AmigaOne X5040 and the shop will be updated with a new price for this system. They sold the last X5000 board in stock last week. They will offer this special configuration with usable ports on the front:

Beside this, Relec write that The Red One is back! They do now offer a pre-order of the Sam460LE with the famous The Red One case. 🙂 Here is the link:

As you can see, the list is not long. If you know of a shop selling AmigaOS 4.x systems and it is not listed here, please feel free to comment below. Thanks in advance. 🙂 I will try to keep this updated in the future. Fortunately, it seems the Sam460LE is not too far away and the A1222+ might be available later this year, which means that new hardware will be easier to find and purchase.

Note: I have contacted several shops today (May 29th) and asked them about the current situation concerning this topic. Will update this post when I receive answers.

Have a nice day and see you in another post here on the Gaming on AmigaOS 4.x blog! 🙂


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