Blastaway – New version released!

Hi there,

Thanks for visiting my blog. 🙂

Today I read on that a new version of Blastaway for AmigaOS 4 (and Windows) is out.

I highly recommend you try this game if you haven’t already. It is great fun!

Here are the changes for the new version:

* Added support for thumbsticks, as at times Windows treats D-pads as thumbsticks (this is just to support as many joypads as possible: using real thumbsticks is not a good idea anyway).
* Added journey map (at the beginning of each stage, a screen shows the previous stages, the current stage and, darkened, the next stages).
* Added FULL GAME bonus (completing the game starting it from the first arena of the first stage awards 50000 extra points).
* Added final score in game completion screen.
* Touched up instruments volumes and effects in tunes.
* Removed the “commercials” showing the other RETREAM games between stages.
* Removed donation message from title screen.
* Fixed handling of joypad presses and releases (under some circumstances outside of the game, a release could be handled as a consequence of a previous, unrelated press).
* Improved/extended manual.

Here is the link to the download:

Hope you’ll enjoy the game! 🙂



  1. Looks like a fun game to try out once the Amiga 1222 hits the market. Speaking of which, since you are the only OS 4 blog I know of I hope you can reveal some exclusive details about the 1222 soon!


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