Games by Pangea Software ported to AmigaOS 4.1 – Billy Frontier, Otto Matic, and Cro-Mag Rally

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It has only been a few days since I wrote the AmigaOS 4 Monthly Roundup for September, but already there have been more releases I’d like to cover.

Three of these are games by Pangea Software, which were originally released for PowerPC-based Macs, but ported to AmigaOS 4.1 recently by Kas1e.

The first is the port of a cowboys-in-space themed-game called Billy Frontier. This is an arcade-style action game where you get to fight in duels, shootouts, and stampedes.

If you are interested in checking the game out, you can find the download on OS4Depot:

The second one is a racing game called Cro-Mag Rally. In this game, you are a speed-hungry caveman named Brog who races through the Stone-, Bronze- and Iron Ages in primitive vehicles such as the Geode Cruiser, Bony Buggy, Logmobile, Trojan Horse, and many others.

Brog has at his disposal an arsenal of weaponry ranging from Bone Bombs to Chinese Bottle Rockets and Heat Seeking Homing Pigeons. Cro-Mag Rally has both single- and multiplayer modes.

You can grab the game from here if you are interested in having a look.

Sure looks like a fast and fun racing game! 🙂 There are not many games of this kind on AmigaOS 4, so great to have another one available to play.

The last one looks very interesting in my opinion. It is called Otto Matic:

The year is 1957 and a fleet of flying saucers from Planet X have come to Earth. These saucers are under the control of the evil Brain Aliens who are abducting helpless human beings and taking them away to strange alien worlds to become slaves of The Giant Brain. Luckily for the human race there exist the Otto Matics, robots who police the galaxy in name of all that is good and decent.

You are Otto Matic, the robot who is given the job of saving Earth from the clutches of The Giant Brain from Planet X. You must rescue as many humans as you can while defeating the Brain Aliens and all of their evil followers. Your mission will take you to strange and fantastic alien worlds which are often treacherous and will require Otto to perform amazing feats.

Your rocket ship will take you to each of the planets, starting with Earth. While on each planet you must save as many humans as you can, but be careful because the Brain Aliens will try to abduct the humans before you can save them. When you save humans, they are teleported to your rocket ship. To escape the planet you must also collect rocket fuel. Once The Giant Brain has been defeated and peace restored to the galaxy, you will return to Earth with your human cargo where they will be freed.

The game is available for download at OS4Depot here:

I’m very impressed with three such nice games being ported so quickly by Kas1e. Great job! 🙂

Thanks again for visiting my blog and see you in another post here on Gaming on AmigaOS 4!

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