HivelyTracker 1.9 for AmigaOS 4 Released!

Hi everyone,

A brand new version of the music program HivelyTracker has been released for AmigaOS 4! 🙂

The screenshot was taken from

Changes from the previous version, which came out in 2013, are as follows:

  • Added clamping to mixchunk() in the example replayer code (but not in the
    tracker proper as clipping noise is a good indicator to the composer to
    sort out the gain setting 😉
  • White noise is now much more accurate to the real AHX sound
  • Example replayers come with accurate Amiga PAL/NTSC frequencies
  • Filters now sound exactly like the real AHX ones
  • Fixed potential divide by zero and
  • Added workaround for Alt Gr handling on Windows. The windows SDL library
    sends dummy RCTRL key presses when you hit Alt Gr, so now right alt works
    as it should (thanks to AceMan)
  • Much more accurate wavefilter function
  • Various macOS fixes
  • Changes to make the replayers more suited to systems with more ROM but
    not much RAM
  • Fixed 5xx command bug and
  • GTK message bugfix
  • Linux improvements
  • Font fixes
  • Misc replayer fixes

If you want to download the program, please head over to the official download section on the website of HivelyTracker:

Version 1.9 of HivelyTracker is available for computers running AmigaOS 4 and Windows.

Thanks for reading and see you in another post here on Old School Game Blog!


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