AmigaOS 4: ScummVM 2.6.1 Released!

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ScummVM Logo (snapshot by Old School Game Blog)

I have just downloaded and updated to the newest version of ScummVM for AmigaOS 4.

The new version, which is called “Incremental Escapism” was released on October 31st, and became available on OS4Depot today.

Big thanks to Raziel, who is working hard to keep the AmigaOS 4 port up-to-date, so that we can enjoy all those great games on our systems!

Here is an overview of the changes since the previous version:


  • Various improvements to the icon-based grid view in the ScummVM launcher.
  • Fixed possible graphics corruptions when using the OpenGL renderer.


  • Fixed a crash in AGDI’s KQ1 remake (and some other games), on big-endian systems


  • Fixed various bugs that lead to crashes in the demo versions of The Feeble Files and Personal Nightmare and in the full version of Waxworks.
  • Fixed pirate dialogue freeze in Simon the Sorcerer 2.


  • Fixed the Keyboard Config screen.
  • Added support for the keymapper feature to the dialog screen.
  • The in-game menu is now accessible via a keyboard shortcut.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the controls to be reset when leaving the Hive puzzle.
  • Fixed animation of floating bodies in Chapter 4.


  • Fixed rendering issue when moving the minimap off the screen.
  • Fixed possible crash when using the autosave function.


  • Fixed various bugs and script issues in KQ4, KQ5, LB2, LONGBOW, PQ1, PQ3, QFG4 and SQ5.
  • Numerous improvements to various parts of the engine code.


  • Fixed potential lockups in games using iMuse.
  • Prevented crashes caused by missing .SOU/.BUN files.
  • Fixed crashes in v7-v8 games on strict-alignment platforms.
  • Fixed speech lipsync for COMI on big-endian ports (such as PS3 or Wii).


  • Fixed an issue in Discworld that prevented some items from being placed in the inventory.


  • Fixed crashes on some strict-alignment platforms.


  • Fixed music and SFX being muted by default when adding the Toonstruck game.


  • Properly convert mouse coordinates between screen coordinates and virtual ones.


  • Clearing the icons cache created a duplicate ScummVM folder in the APPDATA directory. Fixed.

You can download ScummVM for AmigaOS 4 here:

Hope you’ll enjoy the new version! 🙂

Thanks again for visiting my blog and have a good evening!


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