AmigaOS 4 Gaming Leaderboards

Welcome to the AmigaOS 4 Gaming Leaderboards and Highscore Challenges!

Whether you are a gaming enthusiast, a casual gamer or just want to have some fun, please feel free to participate in the highscore challenges below.

Participating is easy! Play the game, take a photo or screenshot of your score and send it in via e-mail or post it on the official thread on

Rules are simple; You must play the AmigaOS 4 version of the game. No cheats or trainers, please.

I’ve just started this project, so it is work in progress. More content will added gradually.

Also hope to arrange a Game of the Month contests in the near future on

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Gaming Leaderboards – Highscore Challenges

Dodge These Balls (Entwickler-X)

Download from OS4Depot

  1. 158889 (328gts /
  2. 116152 (tohe /
  3. 103862 (ddni /

GemGem (Pouf-Pouf Production / HunoPPC)

Download from OS4Depot

  1. 185 (328gts /

Space Cadet

Download from OS4Depot

space cadet screenshot

  1. 641,796,750 (rjd324 /

TecnoballZ (TLK Games / ToAks/Frak/AlexC)

Download from OS4Depot

  1. 20720 (328gts /