“Viva Amiga” – The Documentary Film

Viva Amiga
"Viva Amiga" - The Documentary

Have you heard that there is a documentary about the Amiga computer in the making? No? Well, it’s true! It’s called “Viva Amiga” and it is coming to a screen near you.

The guy behind the project is Zach Weddington, a professional video producer, editor and animator. Weddington has over 15 years of experience in the broadcast industry and has been nominated for an Emmy award. He’s currently occupied with creating commercials and marketing videos for Fortune 500 companies.

His background is certainly impressive and I can’t wait to see the results of his hard work.

Please have a look at the trailer below:

Personally I think this is looking great!

Weddington and his team needs backing to make this movie come to life. They’ve set a goal of raising 25.000 US Dollars. They’ve managed to get over 9000 bucks so far. Everyone who donates to the project will get a special bonus, such as being mentioned in the films credits. Find out more by following the link below:

“Viva Amiga” at Kickstarter

I’m going to donate to this project, as it would be awesome to see this documentary come to life.

Here’s a description of the project from the website above:

Hello everyone!

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably been to www.amigafilm.com and have seen the trailer, and are likely an Amiga user or general fan. But if that’s not the case, here’s the general pitch:

In 1985, a powerful new kind of computer was born. It was 10 years ahead of its time, and ready to take on Microsoft, IBM and Apple for control of the PC market. The Amiga computer revolutionized video, multimedia and digital art, with Andy Warhol being a big advocate. It was also known for being a fantastic video games machine. Despite the computer’s manufacturer going bankrupt in early 1990’s, the Amiga has a huge cult following worldwide to this day. This film documents the rise and fall of the Amiga in the marketplace, and gives an inside look at the passionate and eccentric community that surrounds it. We’ve got in-depth interviews with the Amiga’s designers, engineers and advocates, and we’ll be shooting even more. This is a compelling and unique documentary, rich with animation and a distinctive style. Viva Amiga is also being written and directed by an Amiga user – me, Zach Weddington! Without the Amiga, I seriously doubt my career in film and animation would be where it is today.

Rather than just ask for donations, we’ve decided to give everyone some cool stuff in return, so take a look at the great rewards we’re offering at the various donation levels. These packages we’re offering now at these prices will only be available to Kickstarter donators, so don’t miss the chance to get this stuff and help fund the film. All donations for packages include shipping!

The Amiga truly deserves a documentary like this. Let’s cross our fingers and hope that the film will see the light of day. I’m definitely going to buy it as soon as it is out. Will you?


  1. Hey there!

    This is Zach from the film. Just want to say thanks for the post and the support. Just did more shooting last weekend and the donations are still coming in. We’re gonna get there, I know it! Thanks so much!


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