Viva Amiga Pre-Orders available on iTunes and Vimeo


Hi everyone,

I can’t believe it has been so long, but back in 2011 I wrote about the Viva Amiga Kickstarter. 🙂 You can read the blog post here. I became a supporter of the project, so now I’m waiting for all the goodies to arrive by mail. 😉

Anyway, years have passed, but now we can see the light in the tunnel – the release date is set for the 6th of January 2017.

Mr. Weddington announced on the Viva Amiga Facebook page that people can now pre-order the documentary on iTunes. He also added an option for Vimeo a few hours ago, check it out here:

Thanks for reading and for visiting my blog. Hope to see you in another blog post soon!

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