Natami: The Third Natami MX Board

The developers of the Natami are flexing their muscles. On the third of July 2011, Thomas Hirsch reported that he had assembled the third MX board. Here’s a picture taken from a thread on the official Natami discussion forum.

The third Natami MX board
The third Natami MX-board in all its glory

This is very good news. It’s great to see the team making this kind of progress! Can we hope for a release sometime around Christmas 2011? If yes, that would be a dream come true.

Mr. Hirsch did also confirm that the on-board Amiga 500 keyboard connector was working properly. This means that you can use your old Amiga 500 keyboard on the Natami. It will make it easier for case modders to install the Natami motherboard into an empty Amiga 500 case. Wouldn’t that be cool?

If you want more information, you can follow the ongoing discussion among the Natami forum members by clicking this link.

You can also read about the Natami in my previous posts, which can be found here:

Natami: The Testing of the MX Board (2nd of May 2011)

Natami: Advanced Amiga Compatible (31st of March 2011)


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