Big Batch of Amiga Magazines

While browsing Amibay about a week ago, I discovered that a guy named Rolux was selling off his collection of Amiga magazines. Having a lot of holes to fill in my own collection, I quickly went through his list. I found many magazines that I didn’t have. I contacted him to make a deal and a short while later a big (and heavy!) package (which was filled to the brink with golden oldies) arrived.

The box contained 14 issues of a Norwegian Amiga magazine called Amiga Forum. These issues are from early 1992 to the latter half of 1994. All issues contains everything from reviews of games to AMOS tutorials.

Amiga Forum magazines
A big bunch of Amiga Forum magazines! Look it's Super Frog!

I did also receive several English magazines like Amiga Format, CU Amiga and Amiga World. I’m particularly pleased with the Christmas issue of Amiga Format from 1993, as it contains a ton of cool game reviews.

A bunch of English Amiga magazines
Check out the Christmas issue of Amiga Format on the right hand side of the picture.. awesome!

It’s great reading old magazines. I often find interesting information in them. Sometimes I discover an old game for the first time thanks to a review! Other times it happens that I learn something new about ageing hardware or find some programming tips concerning AMOS. All great stuff.

Speaking of reviews. I took a quick and dirty snapshot of a review of The Settlers from one of my new magazines. Have a look! ๐Ÿ™‚

Review of The Settlers from Amiga Format
An old review of The Settlers for the Amiga. It scored 94%!

It’s safe to say that my collection has increased in size and quality after this purchase. A big thanks must go to Rolux on Amibay for quick dispatch and friendly communication.


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