Website: AmiBay

Amibay - The Retro Computer Trading Post
Amibay - The Retro Computer Trading Post

One of my favourite websites on the Internet is AmiBay. It is, in my humble opinion, the number one place for trading retro hardware and software.

The guys behind the site describe it as follows:

AmiBay is a NON-PROFIT site intended to serve the retro computing community, we provide a free and easy way for you to buy or sell your retro hardware and software. If you are looking to sell at inflated market prices then this site is not for you and you should try the established auction sites.

Well written and so true. AmiBay was made by and for the people of the Amiga community.

I’m sure some of you have been hunting e-Bay and similar sites for scan doublers, turbo-cards and other equipment in the past. Sometimes these Amiga related items goes for insane amounts of money on auction sites. On AmiBay you can be sure to get a fair deal.

You can buy and sell hardware and software for other platforms as well. You’ll find everything from old Playstation machines to Commodore 64’s.

I’ve purchased quite a few items on AmiBay during the last years and every deal I made worked out great. The coolest purchase was definitely the Apollo 68030-accelerator, which is now powering my Amiga 1200. This item was shipped all the way from Argentina by a fellow Amigan there. 🙂 He even included some extra RAM-chips for me free of charge! That is good service.

If you haven’t checked out AmiBay, please do. It is a great place for finding old hardware and software, but also a nice forum for discussing everything from DIY-projects to the current weather. Hope to see you there!


    • If you pop in for a quick peek at AmiBay, then I’m pretty sure you will find something interesting. 🙂 There are many threads with hardware-hacks, various modifications and that kind of stuff as well.


  1. AmiBay is a great place for trading retro gear of all types and we are growing at an astounding pace! Perspective members should really read the rules when they sign up because it is a much more moderated forum than many people are used to. That being said, the staff and members are very friendly and trolling is almost non-existent. 🙂

    Come on over to AmiBay!

    aka SydivinGirl – AmiBay Moderator


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