Amiga Games Award 2011

Amiga Games Award 2011
Amiga Games Award 2011

Hi everyone,

Just like last year, Obligement is hosting the annual Amiga Games Awards. If you’d like to submit your votes, please head over to the website of Obligement by clicking on this link.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the award, here’s a description taken from Obligement:

You can give here your opinion about the best AmigaOS 68k, AmigaOS 4.x, MorphOS and AROS game of the year 2011. Freeware games can be found on Aminet, OS4Depot, and/or MorphZone or with a search on Google. Not finished games, interpreted games, and games that have been nominated in previous years can’t enter the competition.

Please do not vote several times or vote for your own game.

Top 3 games of each systems (AmigaOS 68k, AmigaOS 4.x, MorphOS et AROS) will be revealed Saturday, February 4, 2012.

Let’s have a look at last years results:

AmigaOS 68K:

  1. Tracker Hero (GUS Entertainment)
  2. Zelda: Time to Triumph (Vincent Jouillat)
  3. Looking for X-Mas (Joerg Renker)

AmigaOS 4.x:

  1. Aquaria (Bit Blot)
  2. Descent: Freespace 2 (Volition/Interplay)
  3. Warzone 2100 (Pumpkin Studios, Warzone Ressurection Project)


  1. Fortis (Encore Games)
  2. Aquaria (Bit Blot)
  3. UFO: Alien Invasion (UFO Alien Invasion Team)


  1. Aquaria (Bit Blot)
  2. Quake 3: Arena (ID Software)
  3. 1941: Extreme Deluxe (Badblocks, Hugues Nouvel)
Aquaria for AmigaOS 4.x (taken from
Aquaria for AmigaOS 4.x (taken from

The competition was tough last year, no doubt about that. Aquaria did very well, which I think the developers deserved. The same goes for Tracker Hero, which is truly an awesome title for classic Amiga systems. This game is similar to Guitar Hero on the Playstation.

Tracker Hero AGA for classic Amiga systems (taken from
Tracker Hero AGA for classic Amiga systems (taken from

Many quality games are nominated this time, like Mr. Beanbag, Swamp Defense and Fish Fillets NG, so the competition will be hard. It will be exciting to see the results of the voting! 🙂

Are you going to submit your votes? I sure am. 🙂

Good luck to all participants!


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