Emulation on an Amiga 1200

Mario Bros (NES) running in A/NES on my Amiga 1200 (photo by Old School Game Blog)
Mario Bros (NES) running in A/NES on my Amiga 1200 (photo by Old School Game Blog)

Hey guys,

Recently I’ve installed quite a few emulators on my Amiga 1200. It’s nice to have the option of running software made for other platforms once in a while. Even though I’ve mostly used the PC to emulate various consoles and computers in the past, I’m happy to have the opportunity to use the Amiga for this as well. It’s quite the versatile machine!

At the present moment, I’ve installed emulators for the MSX/MSX 2, NES, IBM PC and Game Boy. On my to do-list are emulators for Sega Master System, Game Gear, ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64. I’ve considered installing Shapeshifter, a 68K MAC emulator, but I don’t think I will this time around. Have used it before, but there isn’t much on the MAC that I’d like to play these days. Perhaps I’ll change my mind some time in the future.

MSX/MSX 2 emulation works like a charm. I use a program called AmiMSX, which is freeware. I’ve tried running Salamander on it to give it a test-drive and needless to say, it was a lot of fun. πŸ˜‰ The game was fully playable and ran as it should. The sound was also like I remembered. Did also try a few other classics and these worked out of the box. Now I’m looking forward to install the legendary Blow-Up! and Oh Shit!. I’m also going to give some scene demos a try.. I’m curious about how these will perform.

AmiMSX is available on Aminet.net: http://aminet.net/search?query=amimsx

A/NES running on my Amiga 1200 (photo by Old School Game Blog)
A/NES running on my Amiga 1200 (photo by Old School Game Blog)

A/NES is the Nintendo emulator I’ve installed. Tried a few games with it and it worked. It will be interesting to explore it more.

A/NES is available here: http://www.anes.se/

Have not gotten around to testing the PC and Game Boy emulator yet, but I remember the first one as quite slow on a 68030 system and the latter as pretty good. Will be fun to re-visit these emulators again.

I’ve made a small video of my Amiga 1200 emulating the MSX. This is the first video I’ve ever created. Hope you like it! I’m definitely going to make more of these in the future, but I’m going to need some practice to say the least. πŸ˜‰


  1. I had to fix my comp and reinstall Peppermint. Now I have Mame, Snes, and NES emulators running. I have been playing Earthbound quite a bit.

    I have been wondering about a Commodore 64 emulator, but I cannot seem to find any roms for them if I get one.


    • That’s great news! Congratulations on installing Peppermint. I’m sure you’ll like it.

      Now that is what I call a nice set of emulators. MAME is awesome, so much cool stuff for it.

      Are you thinking about games for the C64?


      • I have liked it before. You recommended it when I emailed you asking for a suggestion of a version of linux when I was working on my mom’s comp. This time around it was one of my comps that needed to fixed.

        I am thinking about games for the C64, they have emulators, but I haven’t seen any roms on the website I use.


    • Hi Phendrena,

      I’m going to install it as soon as possible and give you some feedback. πŸ™‚ Hopefully I’ll get it up and running this weekend. Are you familiar with ZX Spectrum demos? If yes, do you have some you recommend me downloading? I’ve seen a few, but can’t remember the names.


      • Any reason you want demos?
        I’d download some actual games from the World of Spectrum archive. I’d recommend stuff like Action Force II and Head over Heals. I’ve seen a few impressive demos but the names escape me. I’ll have a dig around and let you know.


        • Hi there!

          I’ve been interested in demos for years now and have also been active on the Demoscene in the past. I’m still a member of a couple of groups, but haven’t made anything for quite a while. The last thing I made was a music disk back in 2009. I love watching Amiga demos, but I also enjoy looking at productions made for other platforms as well. I’ve seen some incredibly advanced stuff on the ZX before, like texture-mapped 3D engines. It’s incredible what people can cram out of such old hardware!

          Thanks for the suggestion concerning the World of Spectrum archive. I’ll have a look at that and download some software. Action Force II and Head over Heels are noted. πŸ˜‰


  2. With the extra memory I can try out A/NES. I really want to play some nice Nintendo games on my Amiga. There are some really cool games I want to play. Quick shopping with the wife and the Saturday evening is reserved. πŸ™‚


  3. Really nice video, loving the soundtrack and the SFX. I love MSX titles and you’ve picked one of my fav for your first video..top man!

    Hope you do more of these videos…maybe one to show the Amiga browsing the internet?


    • Thanks my friend. Really appreciate your feedback. πŸ™‚ Good to hear that you like Salamander. That is also one of my all-time favourites. Did you manage to complete it btw? I never did.

      I’m definitely going to do more videos. It will be easier in the future now that I’ve managed to create one. I’ll take you up on the challenge to make one about the Amiga browsing the Internet. πŸ˜‰ Stay tuned! Also going to do one with ZX Spectrum emulation.


      • Eek, Sinclair on Commodore hardware…such witchcraft πŸ™‚

        I’ve completed Salamander on a few systems but the MSX port still eludes me. Might hunt it down again and see if i can do it this time around.


  4. Hi. A/nes homepage seems to be down, so unfortunately i cant download de emu. Do you have the files, or do you know where to download`?


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