Going AROS: An Opinion

My friend, Coder of the Bucket Diary, recently wrote an article about his first experience with AROS (he is using the Icaros Desktop distribution). It’s an interesting read, especially if we consider the fact that he’s a big fan of AmigaOS 4.x.

After reading his text, I noticed that his thoughts was quite similar to mine. I’ve also been a bit sceptical about running an alternative Amiga-like OS on X86 hardware, but AROS was really an eye opener in that respect. Not only is it free, but it can run on a wide variety of hardware. For us that don’t have the cash to shell out for an AmigaOne X1000 or one of the Samantha models, AROS is a brilliant alternative.

It’ll be interesting to follow the development of the OS in the future and I wish they guys involved the best of luck. I also hope that the AmigaOS 4.x netbook will be out soon, because this camp needs more users and launching cheap entry-level hardware will contribute to that. 🙂

Anyway, hope you’ll enjoy his post and who knows, maybe some of you will be interested in going AROS as well?

Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

Coder's Blog

I have been using Aros (in the form of Icaros Desktop) for a while now and it is about time I write about my verdict on it. There is a bit of a dilemma for me in some weird way as I am a OS4.x fan boy. From the start I suppose to hate it, right? Some kind of wannabe Amiga OS on X86 hardware. How could I even consider thinking about it let alone install it? How wrong could I be? Well beyond my dreams because it was love on first sight.

It runs on my old x86 hardware that became absolute due to the fact Windows would not run on it anymore. It’s fine if you are happy to wait 5 minutes every time you move the mouse. That was a great start for Aros because I did not have to go out and buy new hardware for…

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  1. hi there wow this blog is amazing i grew up with the ZX81 and have had almost every computer possible since then lol ohh yep im old enough to know lol im 43.. keep up the good work and ill keep following.,

    The biggest memory i have of the old school is sitting down with my dad reading out programming lines to him while he typed the listing out on the zx81 only to find an error in one of the lines and going through it all lol..

    people have it to easy now with consoles. lol.. my dad ended up programming for Gremlin Graphics he wrote Garry linikers hot shot for speccy and amstrad.


    • Hi there,

      Many thanks for commenting and for visiting my blog. Much appreciated! 🙂

      Cool that you grew up with ZX81. Did you have any favourites when it comes to games?

      Oh yes, I remember entering lists from magazines and the frustration I experienced when it didn’t work. Always a typo here and there and they can take some time to locate. Good times.

      Wow! Cool that your dad programmed for Gremlin! 🙂 That is awesome. Did he do other games as well?


      • no my dad didn’t write any more games as he had a few issues with gremlin graphics lol.. yep my favorite game of the old days was on the Atari 800 ET lol lol was funny. newest games well yikkes so many.. will have to get back to you on that one.. (my all time favorite is the last ninja games.)


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