Atari: Pole Position Commercial

Hi everyone,

A few days ago, I discussed the Atari 2600 with a fellow blogger who runs a blog called Retro Game Team. We ended up having a look at an old commercial for Pole Position, which is a game that was released for the Atari 2600 in the beginning of the 1980’s.

This commercial is epic. It has it all! I love the quote “It’ll leave skid marks on your soul…”. πŸ˜€ You’ve got to watch it to believe it, so I’ve embedded it below for your pleasure. Enjoy the show guys! Dig the catchy music!

Did you like it? πŸ™‚


  1. Looking good. I think I will install the Atari emulator soon so I can play some classics. Sadly my 2600 died. The Retro Game Team site looks good. That will fill up my evening. I really should write about my 2600 experience. What a lot of great memories.


    • Nice! πŸ™‚ Personally I don’t have much experience with the 2600, but I’ve read and watched videos about it. Must get one in the future. Now it’s AmiWest time, so I’m going to have a look for updates..


  2. By the gods, this ad is so great! It is so insane, that I can’t believe someone could think of it without using drugs! Now I have the urge to dig deeply into my closet to find my old Atari 2600. I have this game luckily.


  3. Well before you dig that far, pay note that the graphics shown is from the atari 5200 version. The 2600 version is like this:

    I enjoyed the c64 version in my childhood. But when pitstop came, that became my favorite. imagine competing with your little brother with a split screen. that was awesome


    • Hi mate,

      Well spotted! I didn’t notice that before reading your comment. Now I noticed that it actually says in the commericial that the graphics shown is from the 5200 version. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the input!

      The split-screen system was great. Loved those games, especially racers. Did you play Nitro on the Amiga btw?


  4. Eighties flashbacks! I remember this commercial!

    Haha! I like the skid marks comment at the end of the commercial.

    Playing this game in the arcade and watching the cartoon on Saturday mornings. Never played the console version of the game.


      • There were a lot of cool arcade cabs, the only drawback was a lot of the places that would carry them didn’t know shit about volume control. I have played some games where I had to walk away in the middle of play because the volume was so loud it was distracting.


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