Demo: Artphosis by Hitmen (Commodore 64) (2012)

Hi everyone,

This weekend a demo party was held in Holland. The event was called X 2012 and the focus was on the Commodore 64. I was just starting to go through the entries in the demo competition, but had to stop to write this post after seeing Artphosis by Hitmen.. what a beautiful demo! It’s one of the best I’ve seen in a long, long time.. It runs for over 10 minutes, so it’s quite long, but everything that happens on the screen in so captivating, that you’ll keep watching until the end. 😉

Without further ado, here’s the smoking hot new demo from Hitmen!

Did you like it? 😀


  1. Nice one. I am not sure but was the entrance fee for the party not a bit high? I remember seeing 90 Euro or so the other day for a C64 show but I am not sure if it was this one.


  2. Oh wow, now THAT is good. There’s some very talented coders out ther! . I’ve got a friend who attended the event so I must catch up with him and see how it went.

    Thanks for sharing

    Kind regards



  3. Holy crap… I could be picky and say it is too long and sometimes boring, but as an eternal wannabe demo coder I must say it is amazing. They did a great work. And the effort and amount of code-hours must have been enormous.

    I am curious if it was coded in asm or not. I am not an expert, especially when comes to C64, but sometimes I feel the effects are a bit slow. Nevertheless good stuff indeed.

    Gfx is incredible too. “Bad weeds grow tall”…


  4. I am really digging the demos you keep posting.

    I admit I don’t know shit about Amiga/Commodore, but it is pretty cool to see a lot of these and how different they are, as well as some of the simplicity and complexity of a good portion of them.


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