X500 Plus Case: Pricing & Availability

Hi everyone,

While browsing Amigaworld.net today, I noticed that a news item had been posted about the X500 Plus case. Seems like it is now possible to order one! 🙂

If you wonder what the X500 Plus is, please have a look here: Amiga 500 Replica Case: Introducing the X500 Plus (it’s a post I wrote a while ago).

Loriano Pagni, also known as TheDaddy, has put a lot of effort into this project. It’s good to see that he has now reached his goal and that the case will go into production. If you read this, then I must congratulate you on your terrific work! 🙂

Here’s the news that was posted at Amigaworld.net:

Interested parties suggested prices, ranging from £70 to £520. A decision has been made to price it somewhere in the middle. Only 50 units will be made, and orders will be filled on a “first come, first served” basis.

The X500 Plus will be priced at £259 (GBP) + packaging and postage. and will be shipped in a plain, brown, double wall cardboard box.

What’s included:

The case will be available in black or white with black or white USB keyboard
rubber feet
on/off switch
all the screws, nuts, washers & spacers
custom-made steel DVD and 3.5″ USB card reader brackets
expansion card cover
keyboard holders
one 40mm silent fan
slim SATA DVD-RW drive with SATA cable
silicone fan mounts on the right side (in case you want to add extra fans)
3.5″ USB card reader (52in1)
powder coated aluminium base and rear (inside and out) in black or white with a matt finish
custom-made LED window
Fully assembled.

Once all the payments are received, the factories will buy the materials and machine the plastic, the aluminium and the steel. They’ll want to be paid in advance. The cases are hand assembled one at a time so please be patient.

Ordering options are:

1) X500 Plus colour (white or black)
2) Colour combination of the LEDs (white, blue, red, green or amber, they are interchangeable)
3) Your full home address (for the delivery)
4) Your PayPal email address
5) Would you like two free ACube’s “A” keys adhesives?
6) Please confirm keyboard layout preference (U.K. layout is second best option if first is not available)



Registered people should have received an email already. If you have not received it please email the address above.

Delivery: 2-4 weeks.

PS: This project has sucked a lot of energy, free time and money, my entire classic, NG Amiga and Commodore collection, plus my car (twice!) and a few other items which ended up on ebay during seven years. You probably already know but I’ll be making these at a loss for a while but I love it and I hope you’re going to love it too. Add sad music here.

Thank you to everyone who’s been supporting this project, you know who you are.

video 1
video 2
video 3

For your mini-itx or flex-atx x86, SAM, FPGAArcade Replay, Efika boards, etc.

TheDaddy has made some videos about the X500 Plus. I’ve embedded one for you below, so that you can get an impression of the product. 🙂 Hope you’ll enjoy it!

I’m thinking that this case would be perfect for my AROS setup. I currently got a mini-ITX box for it, but it would be awesome to move all the hardware into the X500 Plus instead.

Anyone considering getting one?

Have a good evening and thanks for reading! 🙂


  1. It kind of looks like a shinier Vic-Slim, a bit more expensive (double the price) than the bare-bones package of the Vic-Slim.


  2. This is some really cool stuff. I just love the technology behind it. BTW, I just recently bought a
    cabinet and the joysticks and screens are great. People should go and see it


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