Demo: Bad Apple by FLM (SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive) (2012)

Hi everyone,

Since I’ve started gaining interest in the SEGA platform, I have begun checking out a few demos for this console. I found one I just had to share with you. It is called Bad Apple and it was created by FLM in November 2012.

It’s quite an entertaining production and its style reminds me a bit of State of the Art by Spaceballs on the Amiga.

I wouldn’t mind running it on a SEGA Mega Drive some time in the future, that is for sure. It’s really cool that people create stuff like this. Anyway, I have embedded the video below – hope you’ll enjoy the show!

Hope to hear what you think about this prod. Feel free to leave a comment below. Would love to hear what your thoughts about this SEGA demo. 🙂

Thanks for reading!


  1. That was pretty cool. Did they use Vocaloid for the vocals?

    I remember a demo CD that I used to have when I had a Sega-CD, it had two Jimi Hendrix songs on it. I remember it would cycle through various still images of Jimi.


      • My favorite games for Sega CD were Shining Force CD (my favorite RPG’s out of the Sega line), Popful Mail, Dark Wizard, Lunar: Eternal Blue and Lunar: The Silver Star, Earthworm Jim: Special Edition, Flashback (I actually enjoyed both the cartridge version and the Sega CD), and Heimdall. There are probably more, but having trouble recalling a good portion of them.


  2. Very nice demo! I wonder how they made it. I guess it’s all stored as lots of points and animation, much like State of the Art?


  3. My most favourite is Shining Force. I still remember I unequip my characters and train it to the max and thereafter equip them with weapons again and their level goes way higher!



  4. That was fantastic. Just loved it. So clever, the black & white, and magnificent images, & loved how it rolled. Just great!


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