Podcast: Game Club – Salamander/Life Force

Hi everyone,

I just had to re-blog this amazing post from Gaming History 101. It contains a podcast episode about Salamander/Life Force, one of my all-time favorite games.

Please spend some time listening to the podcast, as it contains a lot of interesting information on the game. 🙂 Highly recommended!

I used to play the MSX-version quite a lot in the past and I still have my old cartridge in my collection. It is like a Holy Grail for me. 😉

Hope you’ll enjoy it and that you’ll pay Gaming History 101 a visit and support them with a comment.

Have a good evening and thanks for reading!

Gaming History 101


This week Fred flies solo to discuss the shoot-em-up (shmup) series Salamander, better known as Life Force in the United States.  He discusses the various games from the arcade titles to the NES/Famicom port, to even the MSX and PC-Engine (Turbografx-16) ports.  Additionally the connections to series Gradius are discussed and the various ways to play the games today.  He also announces April’s game club title.

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  1. Lifeforce (nes) is one of my all time favourite games and i found this guy rather lacklustre in his review. Im only really familiar with the NES version so i was hoping to learn some cool stuff from the podcast. But to see him using cheats to compete the NES version was a bit sad. Man, he is Still taliking,


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