ACube Systems: New Top-Secret File

The official ACube logo

Hi guys,

ACube Systems is an Italian company that is engaged in the fields of sale, distribution and engineering of hardware and software for both mainstream and alternative platforms. In the world of Amiga, they are known for making the various Samantha (SAM) motherboards, as well as being a distributor of the excellent Minimig.

Back in 2011 (how time flies!) I made a post about ACube Systems announcing a top-secret file. You can read it by clicking here. Now, in 2013, they are back with a new teaser for us.. the following image was found on the front-page of their website:

Secrets... what can it be? (picture taken from the website of ACube Systems)
Secrets… what can it be? (picture taken from the website of ACube Systems)

They sure know how to tease a poor Amigan that is always hungry for something new. 😉

I really wonder what can be hiding behind that envelope?

At first sight, it looks to me that it is something that starts with the letter “m”. The only plausible guess I can come up with is a new Minimig with AGA support. Does any of you have any guesses or perhaps you know something about this? Would love to hear your thoughts.

By the way, I just found a link on leading to the Facebook-page of A-EON. Seems like they are in “secret mode” as well. Have a look at this:

New hardware from A-EON? (picture taken from
New hardware from A-EON? (picture taken from

As you can see from the picture, there is a small motherboard there. I can’t make anything out of it, but surely something is cooking and boiling over in the UK at the HQ of A-EON. 😀 Any ideas?

Will post updates as soon as I hear anything more about this. Stay tuned!

Amiga rulez! 😉


  1. Interesting. I think it is really ACube that will have to bring us cheaper more affordable hardware. I haven’t check the latest prices for the current hardware but a complete system for under 500 Euro would be great.


  2. More options for computers. Awesome!

    Don’t know shit about Amiga, but if they made an affordable system I would grab one to check it. I also want to check out the Ouya and see if it is as open source as the claim is (or I might have heard it wrong).

    Now that would be something! A Ouya running Amiga, especially for how cheap the Ouya is supposed to be. If it is even possible.


    • I don’t know much about the Ouya I’m afraid, but it looks cool. Doesn’t in run Android? If it does, you can run an Amiga emulator on it to play old games. I have started reading on their website now and I think it is promising. It will delivery a lot of gaming and media experiences for a fraction of what the new Xbox and PlayStation costs.


  3. I admit I’m not much of a gaming head, only see my son & his mates HIGHLY engaged, oft, but I’ll agree with you MY how time flies. Wow, 2011… I only began blogging then. REALLY flies.


    • Yes, it really does, but we’re still here packing class and kicking arse. 😉 (that is an old slogan from an Australian demo group called Cydonia.. probably from Melbourne or something, but I can’t remember).


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