A-EON Technology News Release: No Change Due to Varisys Takeover

The official logo of A-EON Technology

Hi guys,

Thought I’d share a quick press release with you from the Facebook-page of A-EON Technology. It has to do with the Varisys takeover. Read on!

A-EON Technology News Release

Following the news that Varisys, our hardware partners and designers of the Nemo motherboard, had been acquired by Ultra Electronics, we have been in close communication with regards current and ongoing development projects. Adam Barnes, Technical Director commented: “We are looking forward to continuing our relationship with A-EON and the Amiga community. We always hoped to develop IP for embedded applications through the A-EON projects, and that has not changed one bit.” Paul Gentle, General Manager added: “Adam and I are staying with the business, and are excited by the future prospects and opportunities that will arise.” A-EON Technology Director Matthew Leaman commented, “We wish to congratulate Varisys on their acquisition by Ultra Electronics and look forward to strengthening our close working relationship”.

Cardiff 16/06/2013

Seems like everything is as normal, which is good to know. 🙂

Have a good weekend!


  1. It sounds positive, but I would be more impressed if they actually put out a product. Right now it seems like the normal talk after a merger.

    You know I had this strange thought (or maybe it isn’t); I think it would be cool to see Amiga catch up to the other companies and put out a tablet (along with whatever one they are working on for Linux), I would like to see more options (as I have said) for people instead of just the big two. Actually that is more like the big one and its competitor who has to go through other companies to have its software placed on hardware. Shit, I would be doubly impressed if it ever happened, if an Amiga tablet (or even a Linux one) ran better than the others, especially for gamers (casual and serious).

    I won’t lie though, I will not be trading my Mac because I do not trust anything else for the application of music that I need it for.


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