Demo Review: Arte by Sanity (Amiga) (1993)

Arte by Sanity (screenshot from
Arte by Sanity (screenshot from

Review of Arte by Sanity (Amiga 500)


In December 1993, many of the top crews on the Demo Scene met at The Party in Denmark. The various Amiga competitions saw rough competition and a lot of quality productions was released. There were almost 30 contributions to the demo competition, and probably just as many to the intro competition. Amongst the demos released was Arte by Sanity.

One should think that Sanity would have a fair chance of winning, but they ranked as number three in the end. They were beaten by Complex with Origin and Virtual Dreams with their Full Moon demo. Although, being ranked number three is quite an achievement. Sanity managed to beat Spaceballs with Nine Fingers (awesome demo!), Rednex with Emptyhead, Infect with Harmagedon, and other groups like Dreamdealers, Insane, and Tragedy.

A picture from the demo. Neat! (picture taken from
A picture from the demo. Neat! (picture taken from

Before we have a look at the requirements, let us get a quick overview of the people behind this demo:

  • Chaos (programming)
  • McDeal (programming)
  • Mr. Pet (programming)
  • Ra (graphics)
  • Moby (music)

Many famous names there.


An Amiga with 1 MB of RAM should do the job for this demo. It is a trackmode-demo and comes on one 3.5″ floppy disk.

The Demo

As you can expect from Sanity, Arte is a well designed demo. The effects and images shown combines perfectly with the music that is pumping in the background. The artwork by Ra is neat and well worth seeing, while the theme by Moby is quite funky and catchy.

A cool effect from Arte (picture taken from
A cool effect from Arte (picture taken from
Another cool effect! (picture taken from
Another cool effect! (picture taken from

There are also a lot of interesting effects on display. Some of them looks very advanced and they run fast and smooth on an Amiga 500. I especially found the tunnel ride exciting, but there are several other goodies to see as well.

All in all, Arte by Sanity is a demo that is worth seeing. It was made for the Amiga 500 and runs fast and smooth on this machine. Included are a wide range of effects, some cool pictures and catchy song. Definitely worth seeing!


If you want to download Arte by Sanity for your Amiga, please click on the links below:

Arte by Sanity – Disk 1 A
Arte by Sanity – Disk 1 B
Arte by Sanity – Single file


If you don’t have an Amiga to run this on, you can use an emulator like WinUAE or you can watch the video of it below. I found it on YouTube and decided to embed it here.

(Note: This review is based on an old one I did for many years ago. It was back in 2006 I believe.)


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