Demo Review: Extension by Pygmy Projects (Amiga) (1993)

(picture from
(picture from

Review of Extension by Pygmy Projects (Amiga)


Pygmy Projects has its origins in Suomi Finland and was active in the 1990’s. Finland was the home of a bunch of top groups back in the 90’s. Some of you might remember the Finnish members and divisions of teams like CNCD, Virtual Dreams (Fairlight), Parallax, Stellar and Dual Crew Shining. Or perhaps you were interested in PC’s and remember Future Crew?

Finland is also famous for being the host country of the Assembly. The Assembly is a demo party which has been arranged for many in a row.

This demo, Extension, won the Assembly 1993. Other participants in the Amiga demo competition was Virtual Dreams with their demo 242, Melon Design with the Romantic Demo, and Analogy with Hysteria. That they managed to win says a lot about this demo.. stuff competition!

As last time, let us have a quick peek at the credits for this demo:

  • Coconut (programming)
  • Flame (programming)
  • Cenobit (graphics)
  • Jester (music)


This demo is supposed to work on Amiga 500. I have seen it on an Amiga 1200. So any Amiga with at least 1 MB should do. If not, please tell me, so I can update this post. Thanks.

The Demo

The effects shown in Extension are quite interesting. Many of them are advanced, but also stylish at the same time.

Nice effect! (picture from
Nice effect! (picture from
Scape! (picture from
Scape! (picture from

They might seem a bit old-school now (yes, I know, 1993 IS old-school), but when it was released, they pushed the hardware of the Amiga to its limits.

The musician Jester was responsible for the music in this production. Like with World of Commodore (another Amiga demo), he truly lifts the enjoyability of watching the show. The track is polished and smooth and flows well with what is shown on the screen.

Awesome city-scape! (picture from
Awesome city-scape! (picture from

I believe the effects to be very good considering it runs on an Amiga 500. Love the colored scapes.. those are great to watch. πŸ™‚

All in all, a great demo that is enjoyable to watch. Music is excellent!

Thanks for reading and hope you will enjoy the demo. πŸ™‚


Click on the link below to download Extension:


As always, for those of you who does not have an Amiga or an emulator set up, here is a video I found on YouTube (seems like a ton of Amiga demos are on YouTube these days). I have embedded it below:

(Note: This review is based on an old one I did for many years ago. It was back in 2006 I believe.)


  1. Despite all the future wonders like real time rendering, torus or bump mappers, I still love pixel-based effects. I can watch them, ehm, actually stare at them all day long.
    Thanks for reminding!


  2. I watched the YT vid thinking I’d seen this before, and when it reaches the night-time cityscape I knew I had πŸ™‚ I believe I downloaded it some time in the 90s, but can’t remember if I had it running on the A500 or A1200. Great stuff, irrespective.


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