Review: Warblade (PC)

It’s been a few years since I published this post.. it was back in 2011! 🙂 Thought maybe some of you newer readers would appreciate the review. My wife and I have started playing Warblade again – we just had a go and almost completed it on Hard-difficulty. In the old days we did it on Ace, but it takes time to get back on track with the game again. 😉 Anyway, enjoy the review!

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A Review of Warblade for PC’s running Windows


WarbladeMany will remember the old Amiga classic called Deluxe Galaga. It is, as the title indicates, a Galaga clone. The creator of the game, Edgar M. Vigdal, lifts the Galaga-experience up to a whole new level with this game. There are plenty of secrets to be found, bonuses to fetch, and challenges to face.

A few years ago, Edgar M. Vigdal released a game called Warblade for the PC. It is basically a powered up version of Deluxe Galaga, with several improvements. The game has seen many updates since its first release. These added more stuff and/or fixed bugs.

In this article we’ll have a look at how Warblade plays and if it’s just as good as Deluxe Galaga.

The Basics

Warblade is a shoot’em’up game of the grand old-school. You are in control of a spaceship placed at the…

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