New Maps and Characters for Gloom Deluxe (Amiga)

Good evening,

Just a heads-up this evening, as I discovered that a pack with brand new maps and characters had been released for the Doom-clone Gloom Deluxe! Very cool! Looking forward to try it out on my A1200.

If you aren’t familiar with Gloom Deluxe, please have a look at a review I did of Gloom back in 2011:

This pack has been made by Czeslaw Mnich and it was uploaded to yesterday.

You can download it here.

Here is some more information from the author:

This archive contains many new levels and examples made by me with 
the easy-to-use editor (MAPED). You can also find here new weapons and 
characters from Star Wars and DOOM. As a bonus I added great programs 
written by Robert Szacki to import pics/objs into Gloom.

Playable maps with enemies:

* deathmask
* labyrinth
* labyrinth2
* labyrinth3
* portal
* predator
* pyramid
* pyramid2
* x8bitkiller (new objs, sfxs)

I added to this archive IFF-ILBM pictures of each level.

You can see also the video on YouTube:

Article about Maped in Polish is available here:

Article how to create objs, guns, sfxs and more you can find also on

It is worth mentioning that the maps and characters will also work on the first version of Gloom.

Now I’m off to find a CD to burn MorphOS on. Have a good weekend!!


  1. Looks cool! I am still playing Doom on my 360. It gets weird because after playing other FPS games I immediately forget that you cannot jump.


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