Uncle Art: Amiga, Atari, C64 Game Music Original & Remade

Uncle Art Kickstarter (taken from the Kickstarter page)
Uncle Art Kickstarter (taken from the Kickstarter page)

Hi guys,

Today I’d like to mention a Kickstarter project I’m interested in backing. It is about old-school game music (and it does have a lot to the with the Amiga.. woohoo!) Please read on for information taken from the Kickstarter page:

In the 80s and 90s, my dad Dave Lowe who also went under the name ‘Uncle Art’ made music for computer games. His techniques were pioneering in his constant quest to not let the music be compromised by technology. He even had vocals on the Atari ST’s AY chip which was thought impossible because the AY chip was incapable of sampling, instead he used bespoke look-up table to squash the fully studio recorded audio into a 4 bit sample and used the machine’s volume controller of 0-15 to move the speaker cone equivalently to the 4 bit sample to create the music he’d recorded. And that’s how you were able to hear “STAAAAARGLIDER” singing out of your Atari ST in 1987! More information about the technical achievements of Uncle Art Music can be found on our website here.

Some of his works includes Elite 2: Frontier, IK+, Beneath a Steel Sky, Afterburner and Street Fighter 2 (Amiga). A pretty impressive list to say the least!

If you are interested seeing what all this is about, please head on over to the Kickstarter page by following the link below:


Hope they’ll manage to reach their goals, so best of luck to them! 🙂 Still 40 days to go. Anyone of you going to support the project?

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