The Hyperion Bankruptcy: Decision at the End of the Month

Hyperion Entertainment Logo

Dear readers,

Speculations concerning the bankruptcy of Hyperion Entertainment, the company behind AmigaOS 4.x, are running completely wild in the Amiga community.

The thread about the bankruptcy on one of the most popular Amiga forums ( is nearing 50 (!) pages. It seems quite a few people are confident that Hyperion Entertain is done and will fade out of the Amigascene. Others believe what Hyperion have stated, namely that it is a mishap by a third party.

Due to this I contacted the curator, Mr. Bert Dehandschutter, through e-mail and asked him about the whole situation. This is the answer I received (thanks to Mr. Dehandschutter for taking the time to answer my query).

Dear Sir,

 The company started an opposition procedure.

 I expect the decision of the Court at the end of the month.

 Yours sincerely,


So as you can see Hyperion have opposed the bankruptcy and there will be an answer provided by the end of the month. 🙂

My personal guess is that things will get in order for Hyperion, but one can of course never be sure.

Hope this was of help and that it will calm the discussions concerning the bankruptcy a bit. 😉


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