Dreamnesia: Music Album Inspired by Old-school Games

Album cover of Dreamnesia
Album cover of Dreamnesia

Hi everyone,

If you like music inspired by those tunes and melodies from old video games, please look no further than to the album Dreamnesia from Gonzalo Varela From Montevideo in Uruguay. He started working on this project last year when he was asked to write music for an upcoming game. After he had finished making five songs, the development of the game itself stopped. Varela then decided to go all in and compose the rest of the songs to create a full album.

Please click here to go to the album on Bandcamp: https://gvarela.bandcamp.com/releases

Each song has been made for one part of the game, so there is music for levels, boss fights, cut-scenes and so forth. Everything is, when I think about it, actually read to be included in a game. So to all developers out there, here’s your chance! 😉 That goes for Amiga developers too needing music for some project! 🙂

Gonzalo Varela (https://gvarela.bandcamp.com/releases)
Gonzalo Varela (https://gvarela.bandcamp.com/releases)


I contacted Mr. Varela to hear some more about his work and his aspirations for the future:

I can say that since I was a kid I was very interested in “making things”, but making music is something that I actually started quite late (I started learning music at 16 -that is 8 years ago-, studying guitar). Soon I realized that while I could spend whole days practicing an instrument, I felt a lot more interest in actually composing music, so composing has been my priority for a long time. I also found out that one could learn a lot from playing very different kinds of music, so despite I started playing in rock bands now I try to keep myself busy playing and composing in very different genres. This album, “Dreamnesia”, started last year when I was asked to write music for a videogame. When I had done 5 songs the videogame’s development was suspended, and that’s why I decided to make other 8 songs to make an album. While doing it I was not only inspired by the classic videogame chip-tune music in terms of style, but I also tried to make an album that would work as a full soundtrack; in the album each piece was composed for a part of the game (even if the game itself doesn’t exist), so there’s music for stages, boss fights, and cutscenes (being the songs in order, that is, the first song is the opening, track 12 is the song for the last boss fight, and track 13 is the ending music, for example). Videogames have been a huge part of my life, so the idea of writing music for games is really inspiring for me (and not necessarily chip-tunes only), and I really hope I get the chance of doing it a lot more in the near future!

I wish him the best of luck with his music and hope that someone will use his music in a game in the near future. 🙂

Did you guys like the Dreamnesia album? What sort of game do you think it would be best for?

Thanks for visiting and have a nice weekend!

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