Giving Away 2 Free Zelda Link T-Shirts from Merchbro

Awesome Link for President t-shirt from Merchro
Awesome Link for President t-shirt from Merchro

Hello everyone,

I was recently approached by a company called Merchbro. They print custom t-shirts and were looking for a partner to team up with on a shirt giveaway. They asked if I’d be interested in hooking up my readers with some free stuff. And not just any free stuff. That cool Link For President t-shirt you see above. 🙂

My reaction? Of course! Why not hook up a couple of my Internet friends?

If you want to enter to win the shirt, fill out the form here. Use the contest code oldschoolgameblog. Sometime in the next week or so I’ll announce the winners and Merchbro will ship out the shirts. All free and with no strings attached.

Good luck, all! 🙂

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