Amiga: Vampire II videos from Flype44

Hi guys,

I never get tired of seeing the Vampire II in action. A YouTuber called Flype44 has now uploaded several videos showing his Vampire-powered Amiga 600 burning rubber. Please have a look at the videos below and enjoy!

First up is two videos showing 194x, an SDL-game on M68K with RTG driver + Sound.

“Playing clip from PAULA POWERED over internet with RiVA and Google Drive Handler on Vampire V2-128.”

“Playing a video stored on GoogleDrive with RiVA, GoogleDrive Handler for AmigaOS 3.x and Vampire V2-128.”

Remember that it is an Amiga 600 we’re talking about here. 🙂 Incredible!

One comment

  1. Are you operating from an SD card or a CF drive? I was autobooting from a CF drive, but after installing the Vampire II my A600 won’t boot or recognize any drives. Workbench 3.1 just Fails Returncode 10, and the install disk can’t find any hard drives. The board arrived in an empty box with no instructions or updated install disk. This is really amateurish marketing and packaging!


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