Amiga: Behold the Vampire!

Amiga 600
With the Vampire V2, your A600 will be much faster than an Amiga 4000 with a 040 CPU! Wow!

Hi guys,

If you have an Amiga 600 you want to upgrade, then you’re in luck. The Vampire V2 turbo-card is due for release soon, and it’ll make your 600 faster than it has ever been before. Please have a look at the specs below. The information is from the Apollo Forum:

VAMPIRE V2 (A600):

The Vampire V2 is a CPU and Memory Upgrade for the Amiga 600. It comes with some extra features on top.

Main Features:

  • APOLLO CPU: Apollo CPU is a new 64bit core which is backwards compatible with 680×0 CPU-cores. According to AMIGA AIBB, Apollo plus Vampire provides the performance of an 68030 @ 500 MHz
  • 128 MB Fastmem: 128 MB of Fastmem which which deserves this name. According to AIBB memtest and AMIGA bus-speed, this fastmem is the fastest AMIGA fastmem ever. Its even faster than the memory on several PowerPC Neo Amigas.
  • Extra features: Not all might be enabled / will be enabled via update later.
  • Digital Video Out: Supporting up to 24bit truecolor and FULLHD 1920×1080 resolution
  • 16bit Audio
  • SD-Card is Hard drive

Wow, that is some list! πŸ™‚ Look at those features, and not least the speed! Do I want one? Yes. Do I have an Amiga 600? No. Hopefully it’ll be out for the Amiga 1200 as well in the future. If not, then I’ll get an Amiga 600 to play around with. πŸ˜‰

Anyone reading this interested in purchasing the Vampire V2? If yes, what will you be using it for? Games, productivity, showing off demos? πŸ™‚ I’d be using it for all those reasons, hehe.

Here’s a screenshot of Sysinfo testing the speed of the card:
Taken from




  1. Waiting for 1 and 1/2 years now and nothing yet. Not very respectfull.
    Nice dream, but quite a fantasm. The team failed to grow to a true main public production capacity. And it seems that many cards are faulty due to amateur quality production level and check tests.
    I understand they gently exchanged the faulty devices but it’s not professionnal by any means.
    That means that other customers will wait even longer.

    This is not understandable in 2017 when industrial facilities are available all around the world to mass produce such procucts quickly and with industrial quality standards and at an age when one can use ondigogo or patreon to gather the money to start the process.

    The main purpose seems to make a living out of the amiga fans community, not to provide a real mass market product.


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