Trying to draw something with WinUAE after CRT-TV broke down

Amiga TV-modulator love

Hi guys,

Some of you might remember my old CRT-TV breaking down. Had to take it to the skip. 😦 It was a good TV with integrated DVD-player and had the perfect size for a small office-room. One could also watch episodes of the British TV-series “Bottom“, while playing games or working on the PC.

Since I don’t have a good screen for the Amiga at home anymore, I tried running Deluxe Paint through WinUAE to make some logos for upcoming productions. After a few minutes of work, I lost interest. It’s just not the same feeling or atmosphere sitting on the PC with a big LCD-screen. Besides, colours look wrong and don’t mix together as well as it does on the A1200 hooked up to a CRT. It’s not easy making gfx in 16 or 32 colours such a display, at least that’s my experience. 🙂 So I guess I’ll have to dig up a new CRT-TV for my old computer. It is not hard to find fortunately, and hopefully I’ll get one for free. 🙂 Lot’s of ads from people giving them away these days. And I do know about Indivision and that sort of stuff, but I prefer the old-school TV’s (or original Commodore monitor of course).

Cheerio! 🙂

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