Amiga: Video of Absolute Dølle #1 – Music Disk by Void

The title of Absolute Dølle by Void (screenshot by Old School Game Blog)

Hi guys,

Today I attempted, for the first time, to record a video from WinUAE. I thought it went reasonably well, but I’ll have to dive into things to learn more about it, since the quality of this video is so-so.

Nevertheless, thought you’d might be interested in watching a few minutes of an old music disk I programmed and made graphics for. 🙂 Yes, that’s right. I do some of this stuff from time to time. 😉 The music was done by Jeano/Void, who also lives here in Norway.

Hope you like it! If you do, you can get the production from Aminet and run it on a real Amiga or by using an emulator. Here is the download:

Thanks for watching and have a good weekend everyone! 🙂

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