Amiga: News about AROS Vision

AROS Vision (screenshot taken from
AROS Vision (screenshot taken from

Hi there,

Tonight I have some quick news concerning AROS Vision. The website of this OS has received an update, which makes it easier to read on mobile phones and tablets. Please head over to to check it out. 🙂 New versions of AROS Vision has also been released, which you can find on that website. I wonder how AROS Vision will perform on the newest Vampire II boards.

Some of you might wonder what AROS really is, so here’s a good description from the AROS Vision website:

AROS is a reimplementation of the Amiga OS 3.1 API with many additions that were either only available as patch or not at all. This includes sophisticated features like PCI and USB (Poseidon). AROS is aiming to be source compatible, but not binary compatible (exception is the 68k branch), so everything has to be recompiled for the target platform. That is becoming easy, because all supported hardware platforms share a unified API. Supported platforms are X86, AMD64, ARM 32bit and 64bit, m68k, PPC. There is a lot of activity now, expecially regarding both 64bit platforms and ARM, best supported platforms at the moment are X86 and 68k. Aros is build as nightly but not suited for users. For that you have distributions that are preconfigured and include lots of software. Available are distributions for X86 (Icaros desktop, Broadway, AspireOS, Aeros), ARM (Aeros) and 68k (Aros Visions).

Aros Vision is, based on the 68k branch mainly. Aros 68k runs on existing 68k amigas, emulation with UAE (lots of platforms including Android) and future FPGA based Amigas like the Vampire/Apollo-project where it is becoming one of the main platforms thanks to the fact that it is free and open source and in development. Aros 68k AROS Vision is based on the m68k branch of AROS. That means it shares most of the progress and components of the “brothers” including USB-support (Poseidon), AHI, RTG (CybergraphX 3 implementation) and Zune (MUI). Some specialities are Aros Rom Replacements replacing all Amiga kickstarts and that it is is binary compatibility meaning you can mix Amiga 68k components with Aros compiled components so from the point of view of 68k software Aros 68k is like a kind of Amiga OS 3.1 environment and the software works (depending if everything is implemented like the software expects). That also means that you can easily add and partly even replace 68k components in Aros 68k. Aros Vision makes a lot of use of that by both using Aros components like AHI, RTG and USB-support inherited from the other Aros branches and even offering to use different components like MUI 3.8 and MUI 4 instead of Zune and adding lots of software.

Thanks for visiting my blog and hope you found this information concerning AROS Vision of interest. 68K Amiga enthusiasts have much to be happy about in 2016, that’s for sure. 🙂

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