Indiegogo: THE 64 – Computer and Handheld Console

the 64 new computer

Hi guys,

A new project has been launched on Indiegogo and I believe fans of the Commodore 64 will be delighted to check it out. 🙂

Here’s a bit of information from the page on Indiegogo:

THE 64 ™ – Our version of the global bestselling Computer is here!

THE 64 ™ is here and has bought it’s handheld cousin along for the ride! The world’s bestselling single computer model has been reimagined in both computer and handheld console versions!

THE 64 ™  is an exciting and respectful re-imagining of the original home computer, the Commodore C64. Developed using the latest (old) technology, the highly passionate team behind THE 64 ™ is excited to bring you not only a classic desktop version of THE 64 ™ but also a brand new handheld version meaning classic gaming, on the go!

THE 64 ™ computer console will come bundled with a joystick, a selection of classic games and also some brand new content which will be exclusive to this launch version of THE 64 ™ computer console.

THE 64 ™ project is being designed, built and marketed by a team of people who are utterly passionate about the Commodore 64 ™ and retro gaming.  The team were previously involved in bringing to market consoles and products such as the C64DTV ™, and the Nintendo Wii ™ C64 ™ games.

It looks pretty cool. 🙂 They’ve released a video of the project as well:

And here’s a picture of the handheld!


I don’t know about you, but I’m positive this campaign will be funded. 🙂

Have a good day and many thanks for visiting my blog.



  1. Yeah this looks very cool, one of the guys covered this on Gaming Respawn. Fingers crossed they send us one to review, haha!


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