Amiga: Ultimate Gloom a.k.a. Gloom 3 – Now Freely Distributable

Hi everyone,

You can download the full ISO of Ultimate Gloom (Gloom 3) on Aminet, since it is now freely distributable. I was not aware of this, so thought I’d share this info in case some of you were interested in trying it. The picture above is from a post on Super Adventures in Gaming. Captions did not work here today, but want to give credit for it.

The following is written in the readme on Aminet:

This is the full version of Ultimate Gloom a.k.a. Gloom 3, as previously
available from Gareth Murfins now defunct website:

Quoting Gareth Murfin:

"As far as I'm concerned they have been public domain for the last 3 or 4
years since Amiga Future had them on their coverdisks and website (with my
permission). But recently people keep asking me how to get them, so I simply
downloaded the ISOs from Amiga Future's site and included them here."

Note from Aminet administrator: thanks to earok and nittamituaki for pointing
out that this is now freely distributable.

Here is the page containing the download:

Hope you’ll like it if you try it. I will have a go at it myself at a later date, although from what I hear, it’s not the best Gloom-version. I actually own the original, boxed edition of Gloom Deluxe, which I’ve played a lot in the past.

Thanks for visiting my blog and have a nice day!

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