Super Samurai remake of Amiga retro classic First Samurai


Hi everyone,

Here’s a new Kickstarter that has its root in the Amiga classic, First Samurai. Read on for more information!

SUPER SAMURAI! A thrilling remake of the Amiga retro classic, First Samurai. Sharpen swords and get ready for action!

Released in 1991, First Samurai on the Commodore Amiga is one of the most fondly remembered games of the time.

Voted ‘Game of the Year’ in 1991 (Indin Awards), it appeared on numerous gaming magazine covers while earning brilliant reviews.

It featured innovative and unique gameplay, combining beat-em-up action with exploration and RPG elements across huge worlds.

Technically and visually ground breaking, the audio also pushed boundaries with an amazing title tune and unique and humorous sound effects like the famous ‘Hallelujah Chorus’ when chests were opened and epic orchestral stabs when enemies were destroyed.

The game was produced by the same legendary team behind the Last Ninja series, headed by Mev Dinc, coded and co-designed by Raff Cecco.

First Samurai helped turn the Amiga into one of the most popular gaming machines of the time. The superb Commodore 64 version is also regarded as one of the top-ten C64 games ever!

Super Samurai is a complete 3D remake of the classic First Samurai. We will ‘power up’ the original’s fast-paced action, fiendish levels and magical surprises that made it a big hit 25 years ago!

We pushed the original’s 16 bits to the limit, and now armed with another 48 bits and modern hardware, it’s time to push those limits again!

With passion, experience and knowledge for making hit games, we are determined to make Super Samurai an enthralling adventure that captures the arcade essence and fun of First Samurai, but offers new features, twists, turns, combat, magic and much more!

Find out more here:

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