Amiga: New demos at Compusphere 2016 (25th – 27th November)


Hi there,

As some of you know, the Amiga demo scene is very much alive these days. It’s been a while since we’ve seen so many releases coming out every month. 🙂

This weekend the demo party Compushere is currently being held in Sweden. It started on the 25th of November and will end today on the 27th of November. The party is therefore not over yet, but some Amiga productions have already been uploaded onto and more will hopefully come. As is usual these days, people upload videos of their demos to YouTube, so that everyone can watch them. This is great for those not having an Amiga, C64 or some other old computer.

Here is what is available so far:

Vector Eye-Candy by Insane (very, very long demo!):

Four Scrollers by Insane (intro):

Compofiller 0815-4711 by Paradise (intro with super music!):

Compusphere has a great tradition of organizing demoscene partying, fierce competitions and love for the community, with a history going back to 1993. Organizers, locations and amount of participants have varied over the years, but the focus has been the same: To deliver the best demoparty experience in Western Sweden.

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