Worms (Team 17) ported to Atari Falcon 060 by Insane/TSCC

Screenshot from the YouTube video

Hi guys,

I’m sure many Atari Falcon owners are enjoying themselves right now, since Worms has been ported to their platform! It was ported from Macintosh by the demoscener Insane/TSCC. He received permission from Team 17 to do this and you can see the result in a video later in this post. I’m not into Atari’s and have little knowledge about these systems, but it looks like it might require a 060. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

It’s worth mentioning that the port requires the original data files. You can get the correct version of the game (Mac version) from here (it’s abandonware):


Here is the readme from the game to give you some more information concerning the release:

Quick Readme for Worms/Falcon060
Ported from Mac by insane of altair^rabenauge^tscc


Worms(TM). Copyright 1995-2016. Team17 Software Ltd. 
Original Concept by Andy Davidson. 
Worms(TM) and Team17 are copyrights of Team17 Software Ltd.

This fan port is in no way intended to violate any copyrights held 
by Team17 Digital Limited or its affiliates.

Do NOT contact Team17 about any problems resulting due to the use of this port.

DO contact me about such problems.

FEEDBACK IS ESSENTIAL! insane.atari@gmail.com

This software is provided AS-IS with no warranties

Special thanks to beetle/cyanoacrylate dreams for making this possible :)

ctrl-alt-q for instant quit

cursor keys to move/aim
F1-F10 to quick select a weapon
C=Center on Worm
M=Zoom out
HELP=Toggle between visible worm names
1-5=Grenade Fuse Time
+/-=Bounce (US keyboard)

You can also use the numeric keypad

Mouse Right to open weapon select (up to two times)

Both Worms and Worms United (GOG, Steam) data files are supported.
You will however only get Worms features out of the Worms United set.

Copy your data folder into the worms.tos directory
Refer to the data md5 files on the actually used files


The game comes with a cool intro as well:

Screenshot from the YouTube video

Here’s a picture of the game itself:

Screenshot from the YouTube video

And finally, a video from YouTube showing it running!

You can download the game as well as finding more information on Pouet.net:


It’s great to see Worms finding its way to another platform. Remember playing it on the Amiga back in the days, but it’s ages since I last gave it a go.

Thanks for visiting my blog and hope to see you soon in another post! 🙂


  1. Yes – this port is 68060 only – but that’s because it’s a patched disassembly of the Macintosh Version which only exists because they forgot to turn of the “fat-binary” option while building Worms for the PPC-Mac.
    The Mac-Version is written in C and not optimized and runs _very_ slow even on a Mac with a 68040@33mhz. If I had started with the Amiga Version or the Jaguar Version it would ofcourse run on a bare-bones Falcon030 – but this way was way faster and easier to do.
    The Mac-Version is completely identical to the DOS-Version which i tend to like more than the Amiga original – more animation frames, Team Colors in the Worms’ Names etc.
    Best Regards,

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