Gaming on AmigaOS 4.1: Tuxpuck (Jacob Kroon / ToAks) – Review


Greetings and welcome to another post on Old School Game Blog. Today we’re going to have a look at a small game called Tuxpuck. It was created by Jacob Kroon and ported to AmigaOS 4 by ToAks.

Do you remember Shufflepuck Cafe on your Amiga 500? If yes, then you will probably be familiar with Tuxpuck, since it is the same type of game.


As often with OS 4 games, OS4Depot is your first stop for downloads. To get hold of Tuxpuck, please click on the link below:

When it has been downloaded, extract the archive to a directory of your choice (right-click on the icon, then choose “extract to”). Now you can click on the game to start playing.


Tuxpuck is a computer air hockey game. The goal is to score more points than your opponent and thus become the winner of the game. It’s not much more to it than that. Now let’s see how this virtual air hockey game performs.

The main menu
Choose your opponent

As you can see from the screenshots above, you don’t have many options and there are not more than two characters in the game. You can choose to play against Tux or Arcana. Tux should be familiar to Linux users, while Arcana is Arcana I guess.

Playing against Arcana

I chose to play Arcana first, but that was a bad choice. The reason? She’s the most difficult opponent of them. You’ll see how bad I performed below.

Not good! Big loss.

It was easier to play Tux, but he was still quite a challenge.

I did not play this badly. This was just to get a good screenshot. 😉

So how does the game perform?

It’s good in most areas like graphics, controls (you use your mouse to control the air hockey mallet) and speed. It is, however, very difficult. Beating Arcana takes a lot of practice and even Tux the Penguin puts up quite a challenge. I see that some of the players who has commented on Os4Depot feels the same. With some practice it should be doable of course. There are also only two characters to play against. Would be cool if they added more in a later version. All in all, a good game, but difficult. Be prepared for a real challenge. 🙂

Thanks for reading and for visiting this blog. Hope to see you again in a future post.

This post was previously published on my other blog, Gaming on AmigaOS 4, which I have not maintained for a while. I’m focusing my energy on this blog at the moment, but time will show what happens with the other one.

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