Gaming on AmigaOS 4.1: Don Ceferino Hazana (Hugo Ruscitti / ToAks) – Review

Hi guys,

Another day, another AmigaOS 4 game to be played. ? This time the choice fell upon a “clone” of Pang called Don Ceferino Hazana. Since I recently wrote about Pang on AmigaOS 4, I thought it’d be fun to check out a similar game.

This game was made by the Argentinian developer Hugo Ruscitti and ported to AmigaOS 4 by ToAks. It works on all AmigaOS 4 setups, as long as you have SDL installed.

Don Ceferino Hazana

Just like a bunch of other games, this one is available for free at the OS4Depot website. Grab it by click on the link below:

Once it is has finished downloading, just right-click on the archive and choose “extract to” and choose your wanted location. Then you launch the game by double-clicking on the icon.


Now for the fun part, namely the gameplay.

Don Ceferino Hazana starts off with a nice intro that gives you the story of the game. Please check out the screenshots here, quite cool graphics in my opinion. ?


As you can see, aliens have kidnapped our hero’s only cow, but they should be aware, because he’s coming after them!

After the intro, you’re faced with a traditional menu. Options have been removed, so not much to customize.


Here’s how you play:


And we are ready to start bashing aliens!


Just like in Pang (and Ooops Up! for that matter), your objective is to avoid the balls and take them out by throwing weapons at them. You can climb ladders, run quickly from side to side and you’ll get bonuses along the way. Bonuses can be such as better weapons, extra time and freeze.


Climbing the ladder, determined to pop some balls!


Here you have to destroy the “roof”, so that you’ll get a shot at the balls. There are bonuses hidden in the roof, so be on the alert. ?


If you are unlucky and die, you can continue by pushing the space bar. You’ll lose points, but you get another chance to progress further into the game.


After playing this game, I feel that it was a fun experience. I enjoyed the intro and the concept of the game and everything in-game worked as it should. No bugs or crashes occurred. It was easy controlling the character and the difficulty was fine. It became gradually more challenging to progress, which is normal for a game like this. The cartoonish appearance is also nice I think.

As last time, this is a game I can recommend you trying. It’s free, takes up little space on your HD and fun to play. Hope you’ll enjoy it on your AmigaOS 4.x system!

This post was previously published on my other blog, Gaming on AmigaOS 4, which I have not maintained for a while. I’m focusing my energy on this blog at the moment, but time will show what happens with the other one.

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