Neural Fatigue: New music review site – Amiga mentioned!

Hello guys,

Hope you all are having a nice Friday. 🙂

Neural Fatigue is a brand new music review site that was launched a few days ago by DesertPunk68, a blogger and friend for many years. It does not only cover common music, but he will  “(…) also review things that are video game or video game-like eccentricities from Amiga demos, Video Game Soundtracks or remake/remix albums, electronic music, Rock music, Metal music. Music that is intended for video game content, or whatever relates.”

There are currently two reviews up, one about the Norwegian Dan Johansen and one about the legendary Jochen Hippel.

Really looking forward to follow Neural Fatigue and I’m very curious about which Amiga demo music will be covered in the future. 🙂 Hope you’ll take the time to check out the site!

Have a good weekend all and thanks for reading!




  1. Very cool, man! Thank you for the post! Hopefully I can get some Amiga demo reviews when I search and sort through what I can find.


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