AROS: Icaros Desktop 2.2 has been released


Hello everyone,

A new version of the AROS distribution Icaros Desktop has been released. This time it’s version 2.2 and it contains a lot of improvements:

The brand new main release of Icaros Desktop is now available for download, and it brings many little and bigger enhancements over the last Xmas Preview, like a complete new look, which involves both Magellan toolbars and decoration theme, and a completely new feature called HostBridge, which allows people running Icaros Desktop in a hosted environment to launch host applications along with (or instead of) AROS ones. This applies, obviously, only on Windows and Linux hosted Icaros (please read this page to understand the difference), not on native installations – being them on real hardware or virtual machines. In a nutshell, if you’re running Icaros Desktop hosted on Windows or Linux, you can now start your common programs (like MS Office, Photoshop, GIMP, Inkscape and others) from AROS as well, and even use them to open your AROS documents. That’s not, obviously, the only news here. As we said, we’ve completely overhauled Magellan’s lister toolbar, adding some labeling and making – we hope – everything more intuitive to use. We have also changed placement to some tools, so maybe you’ll have to change your habits a little bit, but we’re really sure in the end you’ll find the new GUI much better than it was before. For this release, we’ve opted for a new, white/grey/cyan flat theme, which almost reprises the original Workbench 2.X color scheme and mixes it with the one from AROS nightly builds (which we used for Xmas Preview 6 months ago), but uses colors in a different and more modern way. We sincerely hope you’ll like it. (Source: Icaros Desktop website)

Please visit the official webpage for more information:

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