Demo: Morphoza by Encore (MorphOS) (Decrunch 2017)

Hello guys,

A new demo is out for MorphOS! Wow, it’s been quite a while since I last watched a demo made for this platform. 🙂

The guys behind the demo is Encore, a Polish Amiga group that was active in the first years of 2K. Their last production was By Night at Symphony 2003. It’s cool they’re making a comeback in 2017.

You can watch a video of it on YouTube below:

Here’s the download if you’d like to run it on the real thing:

Hope you’ll enjoy the demo and thanks for visiting my blog. 🙂


    • Hi MDW and many thanks for visiting my blog. 🙂 Looking forward to your next demo! It’s great to see something for MorphOS also. Used to swap/mailtrade with Pix (who was in your group) back in the days by the way. 😉


  1. Hello again. 🙂

    After almost 3 years I released the final version of Morphoza and Morphilia (next demo). 🙂

    Executable versions of these productions are available on MorphOS Storage and Aminet,. Demos rendered to video are available on YouTube.

    Morphoza na
    Morphoza na YouTube

    Morphilia na
    Morphilia na YouTube

    Alpha version of Morphoza was released on Decrunch party in 2017 (Wrocław/Poland) as wild-demo (4th place).
    Video-preview of Morphilia was released on Decrunch party in 2019 (Wrocław/Poland) as wild0demo (2nd place).

    The most important changes:
    – final versions don’t require SDL and uses only standard MorphOS components,
    – Reggae plays music,
    – user can switch (RCommand+F) between scalable window and fullscreen during watching demos,
    – most of scenes have been changed, modified, optimized (graphics 2D/3D, anims and code),
    – fixed all known bugs,
    – updated Encore Engine to the latest version (hundreds fixes, changes, very important refactores),
    – added report after demos,
    – added simple launcher.

    Engine and base of these productions are core of next productions (demos and games). So each reported bug will help to improve future productions.

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