Amiga Future: Preview of issue 127 (July/August 2017) is now available

Hi guys,

A preview of the upcoming issue of Amiga Future is now available. 🙂

Release Date:
5. July 2017 planned –

Playfield, Powerglove.

Luxor, Amikit X, Hollywood 7, Aminet, OS4 Depot, Slarti, HFinder, Prisma Megamix, PSX Pad Adapter, Mortville Manor, RNOAnim.

Trevors Soapbox, Enterprise 128, Virtual floppy disks, Amiga on Youtube, Demoscene.

DATA backup – Do It Yourself, Blitz Basic Part 6.

Interview Jan Zahurancik (AmiKit), Editorial, Content, News, Imprint, Content CoverCD, Letters to the editor.

CoverCD contents:

adripper, alephone, amisocial, amisystemrestore, aos-iconsupdate, dsm, enewsreader, jill, odyssey, odysseylauncher2, oricutron, picflowgad, prefscenter, ReportPlus-OS4, RNOAnim_OS4, s0y_gameicons_2017, sess, simplemail, skeinforge, wex_ita, workbenchexplorer, yt,

R2Z_AROS, webptools060_aros,

acc, ACCSources, ADoc_src, AFile_src, AGraph_src, ARes_src, ARoff_src, AZap_src, bsaog, bsps, CatScan, Change_src, ClipRdWr, ControllerTest, crispy-doom, eduke32, gloom-cd32xmen-adf, Gloom_src, Hexaco, HideWBTitle, ign-addon-ods, listwindows, LoadModule, lw_wheel_tutorial, MUI2HTML, MuProtectModules, ohac, PhxAss_src, PhxLnk_src, plplot68k-5.0.1, ProtectGUI, R2Z_68k, RepetitaIuvant, ReportPlus, RndBG_src, RNOAnim, SeaShell_src, ShellUpdate, SWitch_src, THE3, TinyLauncher, TunnelsAndTrolls, vda68k, webptools060_a68k, Wesnoth.m68k, ZeldaROTH,

R2Z_MOS, ReportPlusMOS, vdappc-mos,

BoingsWorld Podcast Episode 85, IrgendWasser 142, IrgendWasser 145

“Last-minute changes to this information reserved!”

The Amiga Future magazine is available as an English and German printed magazine – every issue is available in FULL COLOUR – directly available from the magazine editorial office and also from various other Amiga dealers.



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