The Ataribox – What is it?

Hi everyone,

Guess many of you’ve seen the Ataribox webpage now and like me wonder what this is all about. It is clear that a new console is on the way, but nothing more than that. Will be it just another Atari 2600 clone thingy or something else?

Nintendo had a lot of success with the launch of their Nintendo NES Mini, so maybe Atari will try the same thing? Possibly with old Atari ST games? It’ll be interesting to see for sure. I’ve signed up, so looking forward to some news in the near future. 😉

I must say though, the Atari 2600 games are everywhere from Steam to almost every other platform out there, so really hope they are aiming at the ST games library, but time will show of course. Here is the hype generating video:

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