AmigaOS 4.x: Atari Lynx Emulator – Handy Jacobs

Screenshot by Old School Game Blog

Hi folks,

A new Atari Lynx emulator has been released for AmigaOS 4.x. I gave it a go and it worked right away with Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. More info below.

This is the AmigaOS 4.0+ port of Handy 0.95. It emulates the Atari Lynx
handheld console (1989). Source code is included.

* optional AHI sound
* keyboard, joystick and CD³² joypad support
* load/save snapshots
* turbo speed on/off
* autofire on/off
* screen rotation
* graphics scaling
* toolbar
* speed indicator

Changes since V0.95 R2.32:
* Added speed indicator.
* Added PUBSCREEN CLI argument/WB tooltype.
* Added application.library support (OS4 version).
* Miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes.

Download the emulator from OS4Depot:

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  1. have you managed to get joystick support working under OS4.1?? Been trying in vain to get this version to work with joystick. Its not a bad port, but i think the sound a little on the tinny side which is a shame because some games like Electrocop and Blue Lightning have some fantastic tracks, there is a port which HunoPPC has done which appears on the big OS4.1 games DVD which works a lot better both under Cybergraphx and SDL but sadly you can only use the keyboard on that version too

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